Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Meet Addison...

She is a beautiful golden retriever that belongs to our friends Chris and Ian.  This dog has more energy than any one dog should ever have and it comes paired with the sweetest disposition that you've ever seen in a pup.  We went over to Ian's place tonight for a barbeque and high hopes of their 9 month old bundle of golden retriever sunshine completely wearing down our boys.  Yeah...not so much.  Apparently in the face of two tiny puppies, Addison reverts to some inert matronly motherly instinct.  All she did was follow them around the yard and make sure they stayed out of trouble.

Of course, it could also be that she tried desperately to play with our two minions, but they haven't exactly mastered that whole "interacting with other dogs" thing quite yet.  Either way, at least the boys ran themselves ragged around their yard and Chris and Ian got to experience what Addie could be like when she is 100% mellow.  I'm pretty thankful for friends with fenced in yards :)

Details, details...we really did try to get the boys' pictures and stats tonight. I even gave them baths early in the afternoon in hopes of shooting them in nice light.  But then, the day happened, and by the time we got home from the barbeque, it looked like Venn and Daijo both had spent the day rolling in nastiness.  I'm compulsive.  They got another bath before bed.  And they were way too tired to pose, so this is as close as it gets for this Sunday's pictures.

Is it just me, or does Daijo look like a muppet?

Venn was less than pleased that I was keeping him out of his kennel and awake for this.

And here are some perspective shots :)

As of today, Daijo weighed in at 10.7 lbs (9.5 weeks), and Venn weighed in at 18.6 lbs (12 weeks).


  1. I love the perspective pictures--how cute! How are they doing this week with vacation time over?

  2. Hahaha! Daijo totally looks like Rolf from the Muppets! Love those boys!!