Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Saturday, July 11, 2010

On Sunday, the boys got to experience their first farmer's market in Capitol Hill.  They were pictures of perfection there (and it totally wore them out). I didn't get the camera out while we were there - way too much stimulation to try and get them to pose on top of everything else.
Afterward, we were lucky enough to go and have a dog party with Brian's co-worker, Barb. Barb has a place up in North Seattle with a fabulous yard and 2 great dogs.  Not only did she invite us up for some great socialization and puppy play time, but she also sent the word out to some other neighbor dogs and we had quite a Pupapoolza for a while. 
Here are the some of the characters that we got to hang out with in the afternoon...

Ginger....(She is one of Barb's)

 And then there was Hattie (also one of Barb's).  Hattie was a big moose of a dog and I just couldn't get enough of her.

There was a German Shepard/Lab mix named Lulu...

There were also three Italian Greyhounds - This one is Vicki. Vicki didn't care too much for the crazy puppies, but another one, Max, worked really hard to get our boys to chase him, but they just couldn't get the hang of it...
Next time, buddy.

Daijo got to experience his first sprinkler.

Venn ran around like crazy trying to figure out how to interact with all the other dogs.  Then he collapsed on top of Daijo into a heap of sleeping furriness.  
It was so good for our boys.  And it was good for us - It was good to be outside in the sunshine and to talk to real live people (as opposed to just using the "puppy voice" at home).  
Barb - if you're reading - Thank You!!  We can't wait to come back!!

On another note - we're going to try to track the boys' growth on a weekly basis...mostly because we're dorks and completely obsessed with these two.  
Every Sunday, after bath time, we going to throw them into this dog bed (until the bed no longer works) and see how much they're growing.  
So, here you go...

Venn, 11 weeks old, weighing in at 16.pounds and Daijo (in the same bed), 8.5 weeks old weighing in at 9.2 pounds.  Our perfect little monsters.

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  1. Daijo and Venn are just great! (At least from what I have seen) I can't wait to see them in person. I hope they stay awake for a few hours while we are there. (We must get to know our grandpuppies real well!