Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Friday, July 9, 2010

Tonight we had our friends, Sarah and Evan, over for dinner.  Sarah also brought her 2 boys along.  We were  excited to spend some time with them and we thought it might be nice to let her boys run the dogs ragged.
So, we have 2 young boys in the house and 2 puppies, and what ends up happening?  The pups immediately fall asleep and the boys proceed to dump a couple hundred wine corks out of the old butter churn where we throw them and onto the floor.  
Apparently, wine corks make excellent Lincoln Logs.  
I didn't know whether to be impressed with their ingenuity, embarrassed that I had no other child-friendly toys or mortified at the amount of wine corks that covered our entry way.  After playing with his brother for a few minutes in silence with all those corks, Nathan very innocently asked, "So, how much beer do you drink to get all these?"


Anyhow, as for the pups development...They're doing well.  I'm been trying desperately to get some decent shots of Daijo, but that whole "brown" thing just makes it next to impossible.

He seems to have found a place of honor on the entertainment center, which totally cracks me up.  I'm sure it's cool there, but I think it's also rather helpful that Venn can't fit in there when he's chasing around the little guy.

Here is a typical Daijo-Venn encounter.  Daijo sits in a corner suckling on one of his toys (yes, he is still suckling his toys).  Venn stalks him in a very obvious and very cat-like way - then pounces.  Daijo crashes to the ground and takes a good solid pummeling.  Something usually triggers after a few minutes when he realizes he can play right back.  Venn then does a couple of play bows (I call them "puppy butt wiggles") and then Venn collapses on his back so Daijo can be victorious.

Then they sleep.  


  1. I found it most interesting that the dogs fell asleep and the boys kept going. I wonder what would have happened if the dogs had stayed awake and continued to play. Do you think the boys would have gone to sleep and the dogs got the corks?

  2. Yes, dad. Most definitely :)

  3. Great doggy pictures. The brown thing would be hard to capture. Thanks for posting and keeping us involved with their lives.