Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January 17, 2011 196:365

Today's visit brought me to Sandpoint, Idaho.  I always forget how pretty it is here.  Even in beautiful areas, most of my hotels don't have views like this...

That was taken through the window in my guestroom.  I mean...that's really, really pretty.

But then the sunset happened, and well, there just aren't words for that...


  1. Totally awesome! AND I don't typically enjoy sunset pictures. What floor where you on? Scott Kelby says to ask for the top floor so you can get awesome pictures from your window. Of course, with your location you could probably get a view like this from any floor.

  2. I had a room on the 3rd floor, but the hotel is built overlooking a ravine. The first two shots were taken from my room, but then I went down to the first floor patio to get the 3rd one.