Sunday, January 9, 2011


December 29

By the time Brian and I got back to Seattle, my folks were already in town waiting for us to arrive.  They graciously let us have the night of the 27th to ourselves and on the 28th, we all just hung around the house (and went to a fabulous dinner).  Because the last time my folks came to town, I took them on a whirlwind Seattle Extravaganza, this time, I thought we could just do one or two choice places this time.  On the 29th, we took my folks down to Pioneer Square for the Underground Tour.  I thought they might really enjoy a different perspective on Seattle's history.

After the tour, Brian and my dad went to go see a movie and my mom and I cruised around in Pioneer Square playing with our cameras.

I took my mom to Magic Mouse Toys because it was pretty chilly outside and I thought she might enjoy the ambiance and the colors there.

After that, we just cruised the streets and window-shopped with our cameras.  

This picture is of an art gallery that's getting ready to open.  I loved the light - it just felt so mysterious.

After all that walking around, we had to warm up, so to Starbucks we went.  We got great seats right by the window and had a blast playing around with shutter speed and light.  How nice to spend time with someone that geeks out on camera stuff as much as I do...

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  1. Taking these pictures and spending time with you and Brian was fabulous. Thanks for this gift of time and love. Your pictures are very fun! and good!