Sunday, January 9, 2011


January 6.

So, I found this website that gives weekly themes for photo projects.  I figured I would import the themes and try to cover the theme at least one day every week on the project just to give me something else to think about.

The theme for this week is "Cold."    Here is my interpretation:

Daijo came with me to Ellensburg today.  Traffic was brutal in the morning (took us twice the amount of time to get there that it should have) and then we had a flat tire before we could get out of town.  Needless to say, all the travel (not to mention the intense consulting) totally took the energy right out of him - he didn't even have it in him to jump up into his usual spot in the back window.  Poor guy.


  1. That is cold. Did he stay inside while the tire was getting fixed? Poor thing his mommy makes him work so hard.

  2. I do make him work hard. Poor guy. The guys at Les Schwab were very good to him and let him come in for mega-lovins while the tire was being fixed. You can't feel too sorry for him...

  3. Well, maybe yourmother can't feel too sorry for him but I will. The boys just might haveto come andsee their Richmond grandparents so that we can show them how sorry we feet for them. Don't forgetwe include Venn too!