Sunday, January 9, 2011


January 9.

With Addison still here this morning, the dogs all spent hours running and jumping and slobbering and barking and humping in the back yard.  It was tons of fun.

When the excitement of watching the dogs in the yard wore off (who am I kidding, it never wore off, I just got too cold being outside), I decided that this day needed some baked goods.  I found a recipe for Cappuccino Muffins.  Yum. 


  1. Hey, Heather--Venn really needs a bath! Save a muffin for me, I will be right over.

  2. The level of filth to which these boys have taken things this week has been beyond description. Bath time and house cleaning tomorrow.

    Muffins are waiting patiently for your arrival.

  3. I would like to fully appreciate this photo and compare it to your concept of realism through your artform. This will ensure your level of growth through photography. Please make another batch. Take several photos, post them and your settings, and send me the muffins.