Sunday, January 9, 2011


December 31.

I was terrified that New Year's Eve was going to suck.  My parents had to fly out first thing in the morning and a series of rather unfortunate events forced us to cancel all of our plans, pack up our things and our dogs once again and drive to Spokane for the evening.

My fiancée keeps me sane and balanced even when life tends to overwhelm me. He pointed out this view as we cruised through the mountains with the perfectly blue sky.  Even captured with the Blackberry, beautiful beyond description.

So, in the midst of chaos, here is what I am thankful for as I begin this new year - I got to welcome this fresh beginning with the man I love, the pups I adore, in a beautiful hotel that I am privileged to work with while drinking great wine, playing Scrabble and eating pizza.

If this is a premonition of things to come, then I am a lucky, lucky girl...


  1. Love your wine glass. Seriously, you do have a lot to be thankful for.

  2. It's funny, it didn't quite hit me until I started to type this post out-you know, exactly how lucky I am. Even in the midst of chaos, life can still be really good.