Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Guilty Pleasure #27:  I love checking the mail.  Actually, the process of "checking the mail" doesn't do a whole lot for me, it's getting things in the mail that makes me giggle.  I think it's the whole Christmas-y surprise feel of it that just does me in.

Memory Time: College.  My first school was in the same town I had grown up in.  Mail-time sucked.  All of my friends were getting cool care packages from their families constantly full of cookies and playing cards and article clippings and pictures.  I never got anything.  Ever.  I complained once about it to my mom - the tortures of going to school so close to home...In her beautiful, sarcastic way of making me feel better, my mom dumped the contents of their "junk drawer" into a box and mailed it to me at school.  Ahhh...memories.

Years pass, and trips to the mailbox turned into visions of paychecks melting away. The only things that ever came for me were bills.  In order to not feel like I'm walking the plank daily, I've gone electronic with the majority of my bills.  (I dread emails no matter what, so there isn't any harm in taking any joy from that venue)  Now, I've started doing a lot of my shopping online.  I get random letters, and cards, and FedEx packages from work and booklets of trash coupons I'll never use.  Woo Hoo!  The mail has become fun once again!   There's something about getting junk mail that I can flippantly dismiss that makes me feel really grown up.

Besides, you never know when I just might need that coupon for new blinds or eye glasses or getting my gutters cleaned out.


  1. I'm sorry Heather for sending you the "junk drawer"--I had forgotten all about that. Mean mother---

  2. It's a good memory, mom. You've always been a great bringer-of-perspective in my world. :)

  3. That really sounds like something she would do! I love it! Well, I love that she did it to you and not me...