Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How lucky am I that I have a job that allows me to bring my pup to work?  Not only do my bosses not mind, but the hotels seem really excited to have him come along.  *Sigh*

I was also lucky enough to get to see a dear friend of mine today that I haven't spent time with in over a year.  I think it's fabulous that there are just some people in this world that I'm always comfortable with, not matter how often we talk.
JoLynn, on the off-chance that I spent way too much time blathering on about me, you look beautiful.  You seem really happy.  Your son is perfect.  Your house is fabulous.  I positively can't wait to see you both again.  (Oh, and I'm really happy that Daijo didn't destroy your screen door when he careened into it)
Of course, I was too wrapped up in enjoying my time with Jo and her son to take pictures.  I even got my camera out with the full intention of getting some good shots of the two of them, but I spaced it.  Oh well.  That's a good enough excuse for me to go back for another visit :)

Anyhow, at least I did take one picture today.  After our visit with the hotel, Daijo got a few minutes of play time with a three month old boxer/boston terrier puppy.  The perspective was hilarious.  Daijo (who still seems very small to me) just towered over this tiny little guy.  He looked ridiculous pouncing around him.

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  1. I am just now catching up on your blog. I've been on two weeks of work overload. I just have to say,.. I LOVED seeing you and can't wait til the next time either. I'm alittle disappointed that neither one of us took a single photo. Makes me giggle,.. we're both camera queens and produced nothing. Nothing but laughs and good times that is. ;) I'm so excited/proud of you for all the new things that you are enjoying and working twords in your life. Can't wait to meet Brian! I think the world of him already.
    thank you for you. P.S. Brandon still talks about Diajo. oh, and my screen door survived. haha.