Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saturday allowed us the opportunity to really explore the Ancient Lakes area.  This allowed Sunday to be a really lazy day.  It was a wildlife-rich couple of days.  There were a ton of birds (magpies, finches, red wing balckbirds, hawks) as well as lizards, marmots, rabbits, a rattlesnake and a gopher snake.  I certainly didn't expect all that given we were in the desert.

After we had set up camp on Saturday, in our wanderings, we actually found a campsite just a couple hundred yards away that we liked even more, so we grabbed the tent and shuffled it over.  This was our view in the morning:

Can I just say, that (although a tad heavy) Thermarest Camp Chairs are a gift from God?

The route out was a little different than the way in.  I think we both enjoyed the change of scenery.
Here are a few shots from the trail:


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