Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Saturday, May 15, 2010

We took off bright and early this morning for Central Washington.  At the last minute, we stumbled on a trail report for an area called Ancient Lakes, and we decided to make an over-nighter out of it.  The drive wasn't that bad - right around 3 hours.  This was primarily a desert hike, though there was plenty of water to be had.  The weather was unreal - in the upper 80's with full sunshine.

This was one of the many waterfalls we ran into.  Our trail took us up the side of this and over the top.  

And this is me drying my boots and socks after I slipped and completely submerged my feet in the very tiny (and completely passable) stream.  Yeah.  I'm coordinated like that.

Thank goodness for all the water.  It got pretty hot and we needed to be able to cool down.

Our first campsite choice.  You can see our tent in the lower right corner. :)

And sunset.  

How do I argue with that?  


This is what I'm thankful for today.


  1. The pictures are awesome. Having the falls that close to your campsite--wow. Let's see -- I photographed a dog yesterday. Do you think the landscape ever becomes commonplace. I hope not, wow, what a beautiful place.

  2. I'm trying really hard to constantly see the wonder and beauty around me. Let's hope commonplace never comes into the picture...literally. :) Besides, I don't think there is anything commonplace about a dog.