Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm using this day to gratuitously post a picture I took earlier this month when I was putzing around downtown Seattle with my friend, Sarah.  This is a picture of Gum Wall down by Pike Place.

Ok, so why am I posting this today?  What does this have to do with being thankful for anything?  I realized today that I've become pretty aggressive about my laid-back-ed-ness.   I went to a restaurant in LA that was so overwhelmingly pretentious that it was laughable.  I did a good keeping my thoughts to myself, but holy cow.  Apparently, I don't deal well with that type of attitude anymore.

I'm sure that type of attitude exists in Seattle.  I just don't experience it.  The Seattle I experience is actually known for things like "Gum Wall" - it may not be art to everyone, but it's there, and it's constantly changing, and I've never been there when there hasn't been at least one other person photographing it.

Take that, LA.

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