Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

The sun came out this morning!!!!  Don't get me wrong, I love Seattle. I love the weather here, but occasionally, the grey skies even get to the best of us.  Here's a shot of the sun peaking through the trees in the backyard...

I think the boys were just as happy about the sun as I was.  They had a blast running around like lunatic puppies and finding mischief.  

Here is how a typical double-doodle trouble gets started in our lives:

Daijo finds a stick.

Venn notices said stick.

Craziness ensues.

And craziness continues.  (You'll have to excuse the bluriness.  I thought about not posting them, but honestly, the blurs make me laugh even harder)


  1. Yup. That's what I think, too. Except when kids are bad, you can't exactly throw them in their kennels to chill out.