Saturday, April 3, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I carry the world's biggest briefcase.  People I work with point this out quite often.  Sometimes, I get a little embarrassed about it.  I tried for a while to travel with a smaller one, but it just doesn't work.  Although I don't always fly around with these things, on a daily basis, when I'm not jet-setting, my briefcase holds everything I could possibly need (including my projector, markers, masking tape and 25 feet of ethernet cord).

Here is the method to my madness:  Because my briefcase is so dang big, I get to carry things like a 10-foot long power strip.  When I'm stuck in an airport for a flight that has been delayed twice already along with hundreds of irate, frustrated travelers, the fact that I can supply power to 5 other people and bring a smile to their faces with my preparedness makes me think that maybe size really isn't everything.


  1. I love this story I can see it happening. Does this brief case have wheels? Nice job photographing it. Great brown tones.

  2. I always thought that you would have a pretty big...whatever--and a big bag "accessorises" you perfectly. The fact that the power cord came in so useful to many people was wonderful and I commend you.

  3. It most definitely has wheels - thank god. I can barely lift it into the overhead bins on the planes, let alone carry it around! :)