Friday, October 28, 2011

October 27, 2011

I've learned a couple of things about Vegas in the time that I've spent there.

#1. I would love to go there simply to take pictures.
#2. I am not comfortable enough in my own skin to geek out with my camera around my coworkers.
#3. Vegas makes me come home with a cold.  Everytime.
#4. It is possibly to have bad food, really, really bad food in Vegas.

Anyhow.  In the 10 seconds I had my camera out in the week that I was there, this is what I came back with:

The next picture is of a chandelier in The Cosmopolitan.  The chandelier is so big, there is a bar inside of it.  Ahh...Vegas....

And this is the only good food I ate all week:

I will also gladly give it the title of the best milkshake of my life.

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