Saturday, October 2, 2010

Friday, October 1, 2010

Daijo channeled his poodle ancestry today and figured out how to jump...I mean, really jump.  He jumped onto the bathroom counter.  Twice.  He practically jumped onto the kitchen counter. The cous de gras was when he almost made it onto our bar-height dining table.  Venn (crazy, energetic, sometimes-spastic Venn) didn't even know what to do with the Daijonator and all that jumping.  He truly seemed overwhelmed.

Once all the jumping crazies were done, Daijo then decided on a new favorite place in the apartment to relax.

How could I not take a picture of that?


  1. OMG how funny! I understand now what you said today about Daijo being bored. I guess I better not brag about how well behaved he is--

  2. Since Daijo founda new place to hang out in the bathtub, this would technically giveyou more floor space. But since you will be moving into a new spacious HOUSE, this becomes a moot point.

  3. Don't be silly. Daijo is totally well behaved, he just discovered his legs. I'm telling myself it's like when a baby discovers their feet and they keep putting their toes in their mouth. He's testing the jump just because it's new and he can. :)