Sunday, August 29, 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I don't like taking pictures during meetings, but by not posting any, it's really making it look like we didn't work at all this week.  I assure you, the meetings were plenty.  Besides, I just didn't take a lot of pictures this week.  There were a couple of other people with cameras and it started to feel like the paparazzi was following all of us around.  I didn't want to add to that.
Anyhow,  at the end of today's meetings, we were supposed to take a tour of the USS Midway.  We had planned to start the tour at 4pm.  When we got there, we all found out that the museum closed for tours at 4pm.  This is Chad (who's heart was set on seeing this ship) explaining the change of plans to all of us.  It's nice that everyone I work with is so laid back.  No one is phased by changes in plans.  Here are a few shots of my coworkers while on the ferry to dinner.

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  1. In this series my favorite is the last one. What a catch--love it.