Thursday, January 12, 2012

January 12, 2012

3am wake up call?

Catch the airport shuttle at the hotel, make it through security, grab some Starbucks, run into Ian at the airport, secure decent seats on the plane, take off on time, make it to Chicago early...only to find that our connector flight has been cancelled...along with every other flight out of Midway.

...Book another flight for tomorrow morning, check on prices for rental cars at Hertz, check on rental car prices at Enterprise, check on rental car rices at Budget (and be pleasantly surprised).  Have Southwest pull luggage out of storage, begin to drive through the snowstorm from Chicago to Indianapolis. (Insert unpleasantness here)

...Pull into Indy, fill up the tank with gas, grab some more Starbucks, return the car at the airport, meet up with the parents, drive on through the storm to Richmond...

All worth it to finally be able to meet our newest niece:

Meet Claudia.

According to the picture info, this was taken at 10:29pm Seattle time, making it 1:30am Richmond time (You know there was no way I was waiting until morning to pull out my camera, come on)

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