Friday, September 16, 2011

September 10, 2011

Remember how Brian and I spent all of the Memorial Day weekend working on our yard?  Yeah, well that seems to be a bit of a theme for us and our 3-day weekends.  We knew when we bought this place that there was some major construction debris hanging out in the back yard that we were going to have to deal with eventually.  We probably should have negotiated its removal into the purchase, but by the time we actually got to the negotiation phase with this place, we just needed to be done.

We've finally reached the stage where it's time to tackle the mess.  When we really started looking at it, we thought we ought to throw in the mounds of stuff that was left in the garage as well.

Holy miles of trash, batman.

Under all those fencing remnants is the biggest pile of concrete crap you've ever seen.  This was after about 2 hours of loading.  By the time we were done, we had this thing filled to the absolute brim.  Brian threw on his engineering hat and made sure that there was zero space left.  Even the space between those fence planks got filled.

It was monumental.

It was 4.3 tons - 8,600 pounds - of garbage.

And now, it's gone.  :)


  1. amazing! Probably the most organized load of trash they ever received!

  2. Most likely. I've never seen Brian so focused. It was pretty intense.