Saturday, April 23, 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011

For those of you that don't know, we had an overwhelming weekend with the boys.  Brian and I finally admitted that we've been giant failures as dog owners when it has come to our grooming responsibilities.  We were in a great rhythm until the last couple of months.  Life has just been moving really quickly and  our yard is...well...a dirt box.  Anyhow, their fur has gotten out of control.  I reached a breaking point where I couldn't handle it anymore.

Our boys are now hairless.

I am pleased to say they are still adorable (though slightly ridiculous looking).  They've taken on a much more poodle-likeness.

If you need to giggle, please do so, just not to their faces.  They're still convinced that they're complete studs.

If you didn't think that Daijo looked like a muppet before, you'll have a hard time denying that he looks like Animal now.
And here's a side shot, just for perspective...


  1. They are too cute--I like the cut of Daijo's tail the best. Poor Ven's tail looks bad. They are still the most handsome grand puppies I have ever seen!

  2. In person, Venn's tail doesn't really look that bad. From a profile view, he's quite striking, actually. I think it makes both of them look older.

  3. No matter what, my grandpuppies still and always will look strikingly handsome! (After all anyone in our family must lookand be great--even those who are about to be in our family! Congratulations Brian!!)

  4. Love the dogs, love the dogs shots. I'm a doggy lady too (amongst other things) and know from experience that they love being clipped, they feel free and clean and ready to roll in mud. Love the photos. You have two gorgeous dogs.